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by Chad Hubert





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Project: Fish Nanny

by Chad Hubert in Lake City Florida

As an aquarium enthusiast myself, I've seen the struggle of having to remember to dose my tank on a daily, weekly, or monthly schedule as well as which chemicals to use etc... This is compounded in complexity whenever you go on a trip or vacation and have to leave very detailed instructions for a friend or loved one to care for your tank while you are away. 

The Fish Nanny (patent pending) removes the headache for you. It will feed and dose chemicals into your tank with adjustable amounts (in ML) and times (hours/weeks/month). The feeder is detachable from the dosing section so that the feeder can remain on top while the dosing section can be placed in the sump to remain out view for aesthetics.

I would like feedback on what you guys think about this product, specifically features you like or would like to see added, color options, and price you would pay for something like this. Any other comments are always welcome.

If you would like to donate towards this project the funding is for  the design and look of the product as well as the engineering required to proceed to manufacturing. A separate project will be created to push manufacturing forward. Any money we accrue  over the minimum amount requested will be put towards the manufacturing process.Thank you for your time.



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posted 2015-04-08 19:33:57 / Lake City, FL / 18 Reviews

dude looks good. I like it the...


posted 2015-04-20 15:24:15 / Lake City, FL / 18 Reviews

Rating this project as a test...

Doug Phillips

posted 2015-05-18 20:08:57 / Fort Collins, CO / 3 Reviews

I think this is a really good ...

Mark Martino

posted 2015-09-30 14:38:06 / / 1 Reviews

Pretty good idea. I have a bud...

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