Opinyun.com is the world's best place to go to join a community of user-run projects for feedback on anything and everything you could imagine. From professional business projects including products and services, to personal projects, including artwork or homework assignments. Opinyun.com is the place to find answers.

How It Works

Lock Users (ie. Posters) can basically post a “Project” to get feedback or reviews on virtually anything. The reviews/feedback come in the form of comments on the project page from other users, of which the poster can only see the first several words. Then if the poster wants to see the rest of a particular review (or reviews), you would simply use credits to unlock them.

So basically, you buy credits for the amount of reviews, feedback or opinions you want to receive. Create a new Project (ie. request for feedback) then go to your project details page (re: Feedback tab). Click the lock (like the one to the left) next to the review(s) you want to read, then rate the Reviewer. That’s it! Note: Reviewers receive 1 credit for every star you give them!

We use Paypal to process payments, however you do not need a Paypal account to buy credits - you can use any major credit card (or your Paypal Account Balance). Simply click on the Pay with a debit or credit card option below the Paypal login screen.

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